Amazing people become increasingly amazing over time.

Just a few years ago..I was stuck on the entrepreneurial ‘hamster wheel’ building a business I hated, to buy things I didn’t need, to impress people I didn’t even like.

I was successful on the outside, but the heaviness of that success left me yearning for the lightness of being a beginner again.

I was bankrupt on every level..Emotionally, spiritually, financially, even physically since I had built my business, like so many of us do, at the expense of my health.

Add to that, I had just moved to a town I didn’t like, entered a marriage I wasn’t ready for, and was having an incredibly hard time adjusting to being a new father.

But rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. Fast forward to today, and my life is virtually unrecognizable from what it was only a few short years ago…

The whole experience made me burn boats in search of something new..Something fulfilling. I didn’t know what this would be at the time but by the end of our first MMT event in May of 2013, I knew I had found it.

The speed in which I’ve turned my life around is thanks to one thing, and one thing only… My relationships. The rarely spoken about truth when it comes to success is that nobody does it alone.

I’m not self made.
I’m community made.

-Jayson Gaignard

Self-Made is a myth. The truth is no one ever does it alone. We need other people to lean on and to learn from. 


The Community Made Podcast is an all access pass to lessons, learnings, and key insights from some of the world’s most fascinating entrepreneurs.  

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Mastermind Talks is an invite only community for entrepreneurs (with a lower acceptance rate than Harvard).


We hold yearly events including our highly anticipated Mastermind Talks Dinner. To be read more and considered, visit:

I decided to take some of the concepts on how to grow, nurture and amplify your business relationships, and go deeper by with an intimate group of folks by hosting a live workshop.


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"Joining MMT was the SINGLE best business decision my co-founder and I made. We can trace more than 50% of our revenue to be the direct or indirect result of relationships we developed at MMT. Jayson could legit ask for equity and I would have a hard time saying no, MMT has been that important to our success."


"Jayson is world-class at many things, but telling stories and connecting people sits at the top of the list. In the times we live in, your connections mean everything and nobody does it better than Jayson. So glad this podcast has launched, because it gives me a way to share Jayson's heart and wisdoms with my friends that haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet."


"Jayson's solo episodes are by far the best podcast episodes I've ever heard (both from a content AND a production standpoint). His authenticity makes this unique, and you can see how much he truly cares about living a good life and running a business that makes your life better."


"I've known Jayson for quite a while and I love the stuff he puts out because it's so authentic to who he is. It's just a part of himself and he out cares his competition. He is this curator of this beautiful tribe called MMT, Mastermind Talks, and it's not an event, it's a tribe. It's a group of people that radically support each other and help each other to become the best versions of themselves and build better businesses that impact lives."


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“Forget real estate, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Relationships are the ultimate asset. - Jayson Gaignard